Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tiny Tale: Strangers.

Riding down the main st of the almost deserted town in the middle of god knows where, two strangers Gavin and Colin pulled up out front of the Barbers shop, dismounted and tied there thirsty and tired horses to the hitching rail at the same time taking a gander up and down the dusty main st to get an idea of the quickest escape route out of town. Gavin entered the Barbers shop but when he pushed open the front door it set off a bell fixed alongside that alerts the Barber a customer has arrived. With Colin bringing up the rear Gavin drew his revolver and jammed it into the obese belly of the Barber while Colin tied his hands behind his back and covered his mouth with a dirty old piece of rag then dumped him out the back in a locked store room.

While locking him up the door bell chimed alerting Gavin and Colin that a customer had turned up for a dad and dave. Sprinting to the front of the shop Gavin grabbed the cut throat razor out of it's glass container and pressed it against the customers throat demanding cash and valuables but he refused so Gavin slid the cut throat razor across the frightened customers throat from ear to ear. Falling to the floor blood oozing from the fatal wound Gavin and Colin searched through his pockets only finding a small amount of change then dumped him out the back with the Barber.

As before the door bell chimed again so Gavin and Colin ran back to the front of the shop and were surpried to see a customer already sitting in the chair ready for a dad and dave. Colin went outside and sat down on the wooden seat with his back to the large dust covered window.

Unbeknown to Gavin and Colin the customer sitting in the chair is the towns Sheriff with his revolver drawn underneath the protective sheet covering him. Gavin again grabbed the cut throat razor and pressed against the Sheriffs throat demanding he hand over cash and valuables but instead was plugged in the shoulder then the Sheriff swivelled around in the chair and plugged Colin in the shoulder through the dust covered window.

After the gunsmoke had cleared and being built like a brick outhouse the Sheriff easliy lifted Gavin and Colin onto his shoulders, strolled across to the jailhouse and locked 'em behind bars ending there reign of terror once and for all. (c) 2010 Windsmoke.

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