Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baby Sacrificed In Black Magic Ritual.

Pakistani couple stabbed to death their innocent and defenseless three month old baby in a black magic ritual on the advice of the local witch doctor, who i think was not the full quid or was smoking something funny at the time. The witch doctor told the couple they would become rich by sacrificing there innocent and defenseless three month old baby. I don't believe in voodoo rubbish it should be banned.

After the black magic ritual was performed the baby was buried of all places in the backyard, without i imagine a decent funeral. No matter what country you live in or what religion you follow you're entitled to a decent funeral and not be discarded like a old dirty rag or something you scrape off the bottom of your shoe.

I imagine the couple were put under a spell or some type of mind control by the witch doctor to let this happen to their innocent and defenseless three month old baby as witch doctors are i believe, predators praying on the feeble and weak minds of naive people and should be held accountable for there actions like everyone else. How brutal and barbaric to think human sacrifice still exists in the world today ban it. Here's hoping i'm not cursed after this. (c) 2010 Windsmoke.

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