Thursday, April 08, 2010

Remote Control Rage.

British man lobbed a t.v. remote control at his wife during a heated arguement over money. What else apart from money do couples argue about. Women think they have a god given right to have money even though they haven't earned it. The t.v. remote control struck his wife on a weak artery near her neck causing a massive brain haemorrhage from which she died.

The husband was charged with manslaughter and was deeply ashamed and remorseful, found guility, sentenced to three years jail. It was revealed during the trial that his wife suffered from a rare medical condition which neither of them knew about. The name of this rare medical condition wasn't revealed. Why was that?. Is something being hidden?.

All he did was lob the t.v. remote control, which women do to, at his wife. This was a million to one lob or just bad luck to strike her in the wrong spot on the neck. Maybe the husband should try out for the English cricket team as i believe they could do with some decent players.

Three years jail is a bit harsh considering he was remorseful and ashamed. This is nothing more than a freak accident. Could this happen again under the same circumstances, i don't think so. It would be a million to one lob to strike the same spot again as the first time was a fluke lob and couldn't possibly happen again.

The husband and wife didn't know about this rare "no name" medical condition, instead of a three jail sentence a fine, three year good behavior bond or community service work or all three combined would have been a better alternative in this case. (c) 2010 Windsmoke.

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