Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Another Small Step Towards Creating An Australian Republic.

On new year's day 2010 the Queen's name will be removed from the Australian state of Victoria's legal system for criminal court cases. It's been said the change is only symbolic i doubt this very much. Instead of the Queen's name being used in criminal court cases all criminal court cases will be in the name of the Director of Public Proscutions. Will this minor change lead to bigger changes down the track?. I think so.

In 2000 other changes were brought in. The term Queen's counsel was abolished and replaced with the term senior counsel along with the requirement for new lawyers to swear allegiance to the Queen. So who do they swear their allegiance to now?. Slowly but surely the Australian people are losing contact with there beloved Monarchy without even having a say in it.

Australian's were asked about 10 year's ago to vote whether they wanted to become a republic and cut off all ties with the Monarchy the majority voted "NO". By doing away with the Queen's name little by little it will make it a lot smoother ride towards creating an Australian Republic when the time comes without a lot of Australian people being told. (c) 2010 Windsmoke.

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