Thursday, May 20, 2010

Under The Weather.

This woman got so drunk she slipped on the wet tiled floor while trying to exit the toilet cubicle and got her leg and shoe with a 6 inch stiletto heel stuck in the floor level toilet's small opening right up to the knee, even twisting and turning her body didn't help she was stuck fast.

With one leg stuck up to the knee and the other leg stretched out in front of her, what makes matters worst is she was only wearing a white mirco mini skirt that rose above the hips and didn't cover her modesty completely if at all but exposed more than she would have liked.

When the emergency services arrived they gave her a blanket to help cover her modesty for as long as it takes to release her leg by dismantling the plumbing underneath the toilet cubicle, taking off her shoe with the 6 inch stiletto heel then pushing her leg through the opening. With her head held high she exited the toilet cubicle with her modesty still partly intact vowing never again to go on a drinking binge. I hope she's really learnt her lesson. (c) 2010 Windsmoke.

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