Saturday, May 01, 2010

Road Tax Increase On The Horizon.

A Review of Australia's taxation system was handed to the Australian Federal Government recently but won't be released until Sunday 2nd of May just before the may budget. It's understood the review contains a new tax that being a user pays road charge to cover the high cost of maintaining our roads not to mention trying to fix the pollution problems and traffic jams. This is nothing more than a tax on a tax as drivers are considered an easy cash cow and have been for a long time.

It's been suggested that the fuel excise tax be raised by 10 cents a litre from 38.1 cents a litre to 48.1 cents a litre. Now add that to luxury car tax, stamp duty, car, truck and motor bike registration, compulsory third party insurance, gst, toll road fees. Sounds to me like drivers will be ripped off once again. More public transport is needed not more taxes.
Raising the fuel excise tax will increase transport costs, have a negative social impact on low income families and pensioners that rely on their cars to get around because of poor public transport in there area. Penalize country folk because they have to travel long distances to gain access to public facilities. Has any consideration been given to these people who will have to pay the extra tax maybe for nothing.

To make it fair across the board get rid of the fuel excise tax, gst, stamp duty, car, truck and motor bike registration, compuslory third party insurance, toll road fees and luxury car tax and replace them with the user pays road charge instead. This would be a fairer way to go as you only pay for what you use. (c) 2010 Windsmoke.

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