Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Nose That Doesn't Know.

It's testing time once again for the Airport Sniffer Dogs to see whether they are still up to the task at hand. Just before starting his shift the Airport Customs Officer was handed a small plastic bag of cannabis by the tester and told to plant the bag in a unsuspecting passengers piece luggage straight away so the test could begin.

Bad luck for the unsuspecting passenger if he or she got caught before the test began, they'd hang him or her out to dry don't you think as it's doubtful anybody would claim the plastic bag of cannabis as there's.

The first Sniffer Dog off the rank had a good sniff around some pieces of luggage but sadly failed to seek out the plastic bag of cannabis and to top it all off the Customs Officer forgot which piece of luggage the bag was planted in.

The upside to this is the unsuspecting passenger got a free plastic bag of cannabis to enjoy, that's if it was really planted in the first place and not tea leafed by someone else. The downside is the Sniffer Dog was retired and the Customs Officer no longer had a job which i'm not surprised about but you have to ask yourself what really happened to the plastic bag of cannabis?. (c) 2010 Windsmoke.

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