Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tiny Tale: Eliminator.

Scaling the tall bluestone fence that surrounds the Drug Lords mansion Cliff landed feet first on the long wet grass, glanced around to check that the coast was clear, dashed across the front yard towards the mansion undercover of darkness with only the moonlight to guide his way. Mounting the timber veranda he made a bee line for the nearest open window, slipped through the gap landing silently on the thick carpeted floor of what seemed to be the lounge room, crept towards the doorway that led into the hallway at the same time withdrawing his silenced pistol from the waist band of his faded blue jeans.

Standing in the doorway Cliff peered down the hallway and spotted a thin ray of light coming from a crack in the open bedroom door of the Drug Lords bedroom. Creeping down the hallway back to the wall dodging the expensive paintings hanging on the wall and using the thin ray of light as a guide he stopped beside the bedroom door with silenced pistol pointing at the thickly carpeted floor.

Slowly pushing open the bedroom door with his gloved fingertips wide enough to make out a body resting in bed covered by a doona and sheets Cliff entered and rapidly fired off six shots impacting the body in the upper region. Moving forward Cliff seized the doona and sheets tossing them aside to reveal no body only rolled up towels, sheets made up to resemble the shape of a body when Cliff saw them the penny dropped that he'd been set up big time.

Suddenly the lourve doors of the built in wardrobe burst open smashing up against the walls out jumped Bill and Ben the Drug Lords bodyguards brandishing sawn off shot guns. Focusing them on Cliff they opened fire thumping Cliff in the chest and stomach at the same time lifting him off the floor he then landed on his back like a sack of spuds covered in blood. After the gunsmoke had cleared Bill and Ben rolled Cliff up into a large floor rug then dumped him in the hallway ready to dispose of after they'd cleaned up the bloody mess. (c) 2010 Windsmoke.

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