Friday, April 15, 2011

A Bonza Jest: Birds In The Bush.

Ruby Redhead asks her father Rupert, What would you like for your birthday on saturday?.
A reliable bird dog for when i go out hunting, replies Rupert Redhead.

Next day Ruby Redhead wanders down to the local pet shop with the intention of buying a bird dog. Inside the pet shop Luke the owner is standing behind the cluttered glass counter when Ruby Redhead asks, How much would a reliable bird dog cost to buy?.
Luke says, $1,500, I have a bird dog out the back that is extra special because Daisy can tell you the number of birds hiding in a bush by the shaking of her head, come out the back and i'll give you a demostration.

With Daisy on a lead Luke and Ruby Redhead walk through the pet shop and out the back where Luke lets Daisy off the lead and she heads straight up to a bush and shakes her head two times. Luke says, there are two birds hiding in that bush, he walks up to the bush and gives it a shake, sure enough two birds fly off, I'm still not convinced, says Ruby Redhead.

Calling Daisy back and putting her back on the lead Luke says, How about we wander down the road a piece to the footy ground where there's plenty of bushes, Ok, then lets go, says Ruby Redhead. 
At the footy ground Luke releases Daisy again and she runs up to a bush shakes her head four times, again Luke shakes the bush, sure enough four birds fly off.

Suddenly Daisy sprints across to the other side of the footy ground and stops beside a giant bush and starts sniffing the base of the giant bush, wanders off, returns with a wooden stick in her mouth then starts running around the giant bush in circles like a lunatic at the same shaking her head wildly with the wooden stick still in her mouth. Ruby Redhead says, What's wrong with Daisy she's gone troppo shaking her head with that stick in her mouth. Luke says, Daisy is saying that there are more birds hiding in that giant bush than you can shake a stick at. Luke wanders over, shakes the giant bush and sure enough dozens upon dozens upon dozens of birds fly off in all directions.
Ruby Redhead says, I'll take Daisy and hands over $1,500 to Luke in cash to seal the deal.

(c) 2011 Windsmoke.  


Beach Bum said...

Smart dog! Actually, I'm surprised at some of the things dogs can do. I've scene dogs on some video shows climbing trees, opening doors, and surfing.

Dave King said...

Enjoyed it with a chuckle. How could I say more?

River said...

Ha Ha
Smart Daisy.

Windsmoke. said...

G' Day BEACH BUM & RIVER, Yes dogs are smart that's why there're called mans best friend :-).

G' Day DAVE KING, I'm stoked you got a chuckle out of it :-).