Friday, July 01, 2011

Twinkling Stars.

They strolled side by side down the lane.
The night was shrouded in Twinkling Stars.
They came to a portal in peace.
For her he unlocked that portal.
She did not thank him.
For she knew not how.
He was just a farmers lad.
She a chestnut jersy cow.

(c) 2011 Windsmoke.


The Elephant's Child said...

My brother recently told me that he had seen a story about a cow who unlatched TWO latches to let herself and the other cows out of the barn. Didn't need a farmer's lad that one.

Beach Bum said...

This was a fantastic piece of writing.I knew about a horse that could unlatch gates as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Windsmoke,
Very good, it certainly does remind you of "Daisy" who opened the 2 latches with her tongue. :)

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral


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< ° ) } } > <

Windsmoke. said...

G' Day THE ELEPHANTS CHILD & MAGSX2: I remember seeing that on the news and thought what a clever moo cow using her tongue :-).

G' Day BEACH BUM: You should have seen this moo cow open a gate with her tongue awesome :-).

G' Day CLOUDIA: Thank you :-).

Dave King said...

Like it! You milked it admirably.

RingBali said...

the star twinkling at night

Wind said...

Yes, wonderful!

My best regards from Romania!

Windsmoke. said...

G' Day DAVE KING: Ha, Ha, very funny in commenting that i've milked it admirably i agree :-).

G' Day RING BALI: Welcome to my humble blog and i hope to hear from you in the future. So why not become a follower of my blog :-).

G' Day WIND: Thank you :-).