Saturday, February 04, 2012

Another Night.

When my lover
walked away
never thought
i'd be okay.
I believed i'd
overcome these
love sick blues.

I'll probably die
a bodger
a uneasy fella.
I may not leave
my mark on this
insane world.
I'd harmonize
my humanity
if you would
spend Another
Night with me.

You slipped into your
dark trench coat
real slow.
I've grovelled.
I've fallen apart.
Still you wouldn't
spend Another
Night with me.

(c) 2012 Windsmoke.


Andrew said...

Just a nice poem hey.

FruitCake said...

Nice mood.

Magsx2 said...

Hi Windsmoke,
This is a very sad poem I feel, the end of a relationship, but then again it could be a happy poem, with the other half moving on to better things.
Very nicely written.

The Elephant's Child said...

You do seem to have been in some dark places lately. Are you OK?

Dave King said...

I can go with this. Well done.

Friko said...

That's sad.

Go find another lover and go through the whole thing over again. It's the way of the world.

Beach Bum said...

At times like that the best thing for a guy to do is just go get good and drunk. Yeah, I speak from experience.

Windsmoke. said...

G' Day ANDREW & FRUIT CAKE: Absolutely :-).

G' Day MAGS: I had a go at blending sad and happy which looks like it worked :-).

G' Day THE ELEPHANTS CHILD: I'm fine, thanks for asking. I just write what pops into my bizarre mind at the time :-).

G' Day DAVE: That's good to know its much appreciated, thank you :-).

G' Day FRIKO: Yep, round and round in a circle like a dog chasing its tail :-).

G' Day BEACH: If going on a bender works for you, why not? :-).

Anonymous said...

Nicely written - you have hit good blend there

Windsmoke. said...

G' Day JANE: I was hoping for a blend and it seems to have worked out ok :-).

Ygraine said...

So heartbreaking:(
I guess most of us have walked this tragic path at sometime or other, although that doesn't make it any easier to bear.
Brilliantly written Windsmoke.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Gosh you're so lucky to be able to find these words so easily Windsmoke, I enjoyed it very much.

Windsmoke. said...

G' Day YGRAINE: Yep, the more tragic paths you walk down the harder it becomes to start again :-).

G' Day PERTH: Sometimes i wish the words would come more quickly but they don't so i just have to sit and wait for 'em :-).

Life Ramblings said...

very heart-wrenching. nothing stays same forever.

Windsmoke. said...

G' Day LIFE RAMBLINGS: Absolutely :-).

Red Nomad OZ said...

So sad, especially so close to Valentine's Day. But hey - all change can be positive, right?

Windsmoke. said...

G' Day RED: As long as the positive change leads to a better life :-).