Thursday, January 31, 2013

Perched On The Dunny Pondering.

Every now and then in our life we've all been Perched On The Dunny Pondering. For that reason here are a handfull of odds and ends to ponder over.

If you are a passenger on a non-stop flight, how do ya get off?.

Lots of people quit job hunting when they find work!.

If whistles are made of tin, what are fog horns made of?.

When a person has no arms but has a gun, is that person armed?.

Why didn't Noah squash those two pesky mozzies?.

When you decamp from the dunny with your replies please don't forget to flush and wash ya hands.

Until next time jolly pondering.
(c) 2013. Windsmoke.


Beach Bum said...

When a person has no arms but has a gun, is that person armed?.


Kind of like the question about whether or not a tree makes any sound when it falls if no one is around to see it.

River said...

I heartily wish Noah HAD squashed those two mozzies, and the flies as well. And the cockroaches. The earwigs, the aphids, thrips and fleas too.

Bananazą®‡ said...

Good one! No arms vz armed, case closed. This court is adjourned. lolz

Ygraine said...

Hehe:D Love the mozzies one!
One of life's great mistakes, I think!!

FruitCake said...

I'm not even game to ask where the 'armless looking bloke concealed his weapon.