Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Humour For Grown Ups.

Welcome To Random Humour For Grown Ups Today I'm Featuring, Rain, Dough And Salad Sandwiches.

So wrap ya laughing gear around this lot and enjoy the ride.

Knock, Knock.
Who's there?.
Willis who?.
Willis Rain ever stop!.

Q: What do you call a person that's crazy about money?.
A: A Dough nut!.

After making a slight miscalculation on a customers monthly invoice, Agnes the accountant is being reprimanded sternly in front of her work colleagues by supervisior Sam who says, If you had two Salad Sandwiches and i asked for one, How many would you have left?.
Red-faced and furious Agnes screams, If it was you who asked i'd still have two salad sandwiches left ya bozo!.

Until next time keep smiling it costs nothing.
(c) 2011 Windsmoke.


Anonymous said...

Nice one Agnes

Windsmoke. said...

G' Day JANE HEALY, Agnes really gave supervisor Sam a piece of her mind. :-).

Anonymous said...

Hi Windsmoke,
Loved the salad sandwich joke. :)

Beach Bum said...

Willis Rain ever stop!.


With all the disasters around the Pacific region I have been meaning to ask, is the flooding in Queensland over?

Windsmoke. said...

G' Day MAGSX2, I'll agree with that :-).

G' Day BEACH BUM, Most of the water has now made it's way through the river systems of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and via the Brisbane and Murray Rivers and out to sea.

River said...

Go Agnes!

Windsmoke. said...

G' Day RIVER, Agreed :-).

Life Ramblings said...

good one but i like Agnes best.

Windsmoke. said...

G' Day LIFE RAMBLINGS, Agnes is the popular choice i couldn't agree more :-).

Dave King said...

Nice collection, growing nicely.

Cloudia said...

Warm Aloha & Gratitude from Honolulu!

Comfort Spiral



Windsmoke. said...

G' Day DAVE KING, Thank you for your generous comment it is much appreciated and valued :-).

G' Day CLOUDIA, Stay safe :-).