Friday, June 24, 2011

Garry & Julia's Big Day Out Pt 1: The Crossroad Of Life.

Tearing along a partial bitumen and dirt track at the same time leaving a dense fog of brown dust in their wake, Garry and Julia are prompting their new 4wd through its paces when Julia spots a badly weather beaten sign post which is barely readable but Julia can just make it out to read Contention 5 kms.  

A little way down the track Garry and Julia come to a crossroad pull over to the side of the track beside another badly weather beaten sign post veiled behind a gum tree branch which reads "You are now entering The Township of Contention" 

Vacating their new 4wd Garry and Julia set off towards the crossroad and come to a standstill at its heart. Will ya take a gander at this weird array of buildings that inhabit each of the four corners they remind me of The Crossroad Of Life says Garry. After eye-balling all the four corners for a minute or more Julia isn't satisfied with the theroy suggested by Garry and asks, How did ya work that one out?.
Garry replies, when ya look at it ya have on one corner a primary school, on the next a decrepit pub on the third a bluestone church and on the final corner a community hall.
What is your point my love with the bizarre mind?, asks Julia.

My point is my darling is that they also translate into an education, damnation, salvation and recreation replies Garry.
There's one building that isn't represented here can you guess which one it could be?, asks Julia with a stern look on her face.
Garry thinks about the question for a few minutes then says, I give up which building isn't represented here?.
With a giant smile on her dial Julia replies, Its a house of ill-repute so you could add to The Crossroad Of Life pro-creation and walks off towards the 4wd at the same time punching the air with her fist in victory.

(c) 2011 Windsmoke.    


The Elephant's Child said...

Good one Windsmoke. Thanks. But where is the Maccas that every town has these days? And what does it represent?

Mags118 said...

Hi Windsmoke,
I thought that was great. LOL.

Beach Bum said...


A real self-contained area.

River said...

What? No shopping Centre??

Windsmoke. said...

G' Day THE ELEPHANTS CHILD: I've never liked maccas so i call it The Patron Saint Of Obesity And Heart Disease :-).

G' Day MAGS118: Thank you so much :-).

G' Day BEACH BUM: Except for the house of ill-repute :-).

G' Day RIVER: The town was deserted before a shopping centre could be built :-).

Dave King said...

Kept me guessing.

Windsmoke. said...

G' Day DAVE KING: Thank you for your kind comment :-).