Saturday, February 09, 2013

A Bonza Jest: Eyeball Pt 1.

Returning to his home port of Contention West which is on the lee-side of the horse shoe shaped Bay Of Contention is the tatty and barnacle encrusted pirate ship The Contention Turtle named after the indigenous turtle that has inhabited these turquoise waters for many centuries.

Standing on the bridge is Captain Percy Pirate who has a wooden leg, a hook for a hand and a tan leather patch over one eye. With legs slightly apart, hook and other hand clasped behind his back and casting a stern eye over his scurvy bunch of cutthroat pirates as they gently dock and secure The Contention Turtle with stout ropes tied around a number of bollards that stand on top of the out of date wobbly wooden wharf. At the same time all  canvas sails are brought down, folded up and with other bits and pieces are stowed below the freshly swabbed deck.

Gathered on the deck below the bridge are the scurvy bunch of cutthroat pirates waiting for Captain Percy to give his blessing for 'em to on shore leave. A few moments pass by when Captain Percy leans on the bridge railing and says, Listen up me hearties, over the few past weeks we've plundered many ships releiving 'em of their treasure chests full to the brim with gold coins and trinkets. Time has now come to celebrate the fruits of our labour with shore leave. So off ye go and enjoy ye selves in the boozers or with the scrubbers in the houses of ill repute. 

To finish off his blessing he flings off an old rotting canvas sail that is covering a large treasure chest, lifts the lid and grabs handfulls of gold coins and chucks 'em over the bridge railing into the crowd of scurvy cuthroat pirates who pounce on 'em quick smart. Only when the large treasure chest is empty does everyone make their way down the wobbly gang plank and scatter in all directions.

When everyone has disappeared Captain Percy limps down the wobbly gang plank along the wobbly wharf and sets himself down on a well worn park bench in the overgrown weed infested paddock adjacent to the wobbly wharf. Fumbling in his jacket pocket he removes a small canvas bag bursting at the seams with pieces of stale bread to feed the hungry pesky seagulls. Wandering across the overgrown weed infested paddock is....... to be continued. Stay tuned for Eyeball The Conclusion coming soon.  

(c) 2013 Windsmoke.

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River said...

Oooh! A cliffhanger!
How nice of Captain Percy to empty an entire treasure chest for his men to have a good time.